Our Trim Healthy Mama Menu


Our menu is all cooked up for Valentine’s Week. All three of my children wanted to cook so I let them choose most of the dinners. I’m sure you will be able to see where my input was added. The Air Fryer will be used for many of my side items. Quick and easy to use, I finally have a way to make vegetable fries crispy.

For my sweet tooth, I’ll be making a batch of buckeyes with sunbutter in place of peanut butter (page 306 of Necessary Foods by Briana Thomas). Lemon Custard will be my special treat on Valentine’s Day and Mad Melba cookies are also on the menu (page 454 of the Trim Healthy Mama Book).

For our full menu, Click Here to Download

Monday: Hebrew National Hot Dogs with Zucchini Chips- made in the air fryer-S

Tuesday: Heart Shaped Pizza Quesadillas with Low Carb Tortillas -S

Wednesday: Chicken Curry from Blogger: A Slice with Joy

Thursday: Crispy Fish with Sweet Potato Fries -made in the air fryer-E

Friday: Low Carb Pizza -S

Saturday Taco Salad Page from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Sunday: Kid Favorite Spaghetti with Carb Free Noodles -E

Fall in Love with Reading


Get your February Home Reading Calendar early.  With the theme, “Fall in Love with Learning”, make reading fun and meaningful with these educational activity calendars. Fun for all elementary learners, there are three calendars in this set. Pre-k & Kindergarten, enjoy filling in hearts and Valentine themed pictures for each day you read. 1st and 2nd grades, enjoy a good book and complete 20 activities then color Fall in Love with Reading! Grades 3-5 enjoy a calendar filled with fun activities from art to athletic and simple to engaging, complete 20 tasks for 20 days read. Have fun and share your work.  Download a copy of February Home Reading Here.


February Home Reading Pre-K and Kindergarten


February Home Reading Grades 1-2


February Home Reading Grades 3-5