Halloween Preschool Projects

Halloween Preschool Projects

The past several weeks my little preschooler and I have been busy creating, learning and having fun.  From writing books, identifying letters and learning to count, my son has picked the theme and I’ve developed projects to meet his needs.  In this post, I will cover the following:

  • M for Monster

  • H for Halloween Haunted House

  • Bat for -at week

M is for Monster


This little collection has Halloween themed learning with the letter M for Monster which includes a letter M word hunt, a color by numbers, patterns and simple counting page and a fun little maze. For a link to my Etsy page and more Monster activities, click here.

Here are some of the hands-on extra activities I added into the letter M, Monster Week.

Books we read for Monster Week:

There’s a Nightmare in my Closet

Where the Wild Things Are 

Goodnight Little Monster

Go to School Little Monster 


From the 40% off Hobby Lobby special I found a pack of Monster crafts.  We decorated and labeled each monster with a letter from some alphabet work. My little guy spent time putting the letters in order and making words.

With big sister home sick from school Lego blocks came in handy to build a maze for letter M week!

M&Ms for letter M week are sure a fun treat when sorting, counting and graphing.


Letter H for is Halloween Haunted House

Halloween themed learning with H week. Words focus on the letter H. This set includes a mini book, letter hunt, patterns counting, dot to dot and other interactive activities for your preschooler. Contains about 22 pages with 12 pages a mini book. We also purchased a haunted house gingerbread kit to do as a family.  Walmart had them for $7.00 and change (FYI: the icing didn’t work so well to hold the house together so I used hot glue — sorry kids, you won’t be able to eat this candy house). Here is a couple examples of my haunted house activities for more, click on my etsy page.

Books we Read for Haunted House Week:

In a Dark, Dark House

At the Old Haunted House

Room on a Broom 

Halloween Hustle



B for Bat -at week

Halloween themed learning with -at week. Words focus on the at family such as: bat, cat, sat, mat, hat, pat, vat, rat, flat, at, slat, fat. This set includes a mini book, a fun song and rhyme, dot-to-dot, patterns word hunt and other interactive activities for your preschooler or kindergartener. Here are some examples of the projects created for bat week. For more, click on my Etsy page:

Bat Books we have Read

Bats at the Beach

Bats at the Library 

National Geographic Reader: Bats

Bats by Gail Gibbons


(we also found a Reading Rainbow Recording video on Amazon!) Episode 13

Next week we will work with pumpkins so stayed tuned for some fun projects headed your way including sorting and graphing autumn mix candy!