Summer Family Adventures- July


Summer Family Adventures

July 2017

Looking for a way to organize your summer goals, check out our July Summer Adventures.  Each day, during the the week, we have an academic goal, life skill or sports activity.  Weekends are reserved for a fun family adventure and chosen from our families Summer Bucket List.


Here is our family "Bucket List" for the summer


These are our Summer Goals (A line through them means we have already accomplish):

Each month we will have a different themed adventure map. Weekly projects will be outlined on the map and detailed on the blog  This month, I created a beach scene that will later be used for a fun game board and reading chart.

Daily Challenge


Daily we ask the kids to:

Elements & Dragons

Elements & Dragons Birthday Party


Elements and dragons, that’s the newest trend for our eight year old girl. On Friday she has a couple friends over to play games and celebrate. With dragons on my mind, I was able to come up with some adorable post card invitations  and a couple creative games for the kids to play.


Dragon's Quest

Blending elements and dragons, I created an adventure map with clues to locate the dragon’s treasure. Each path lead to a new element themed riddle.  Each clue we sealed with a small bit of wax and a pressed a seal.


This little dragon seal was an affordable find on Amazon. For the paper, I saved time and purchased an inexpensive packet from Amazon. If you wish to create the appearance of old manuscript. Try using this method and check our video to see the kids in action.

[wpvideo 7P94FtPV]

  1. Soak your paper in 2 tablespoons coffee, tea or chocolate and 2 cups of water  in a 9X11 baking dish. You can paint with a brush to ensure the stain blends to the paper or just allow it to soak for 5-10 mins.
  2. Remove the paper and place onto a paper towel blotting the excess water.
  3. Set the oven to 200 degrees. Cook the paper for 5-10mins. Or use a blow dryer on each side to dry.
  4. For extra aging, tear the edges before placing in the oven or afterwards burn a couple holes in the paper.
Elements Story Teller


A couple posts ago, I wrote about our date night story teller.  For Sophia’s party I created a fun dragon/element version.   The activities on this particular version are related to literacy and story elements. While one flap requests you to describe what’s inside a dragon’s egg another asks to how to capture a dragon.  There are also a couple of movement prompts.  Download here, have fun and enjoy this Elements Fortune Teller.

  • To play ask your friend to pick an element. Spell that element or word moving the teller back and forth.

[wpvideo IIQwqiIJ]


  • Next, have them pick a number. Do the activity and then count that number again moving the teller back and forth for the number picked. Finally have them choose a triangle to open and read the activity.  Repeat as often as you want.

Adventure Map Clues

Adventure Map


Elements Fortune Teller


Capture the Moment


Capture the Moment

Yesterday as I worked to design our June Home Reading Calendar, my middle child wandered over with a book, “Peek-a-Zoo” by Marie Torres Cimarusti, which she had just finished reading. She requested to create a flip book just like Peek-a-Zoo.  As I was in the middle of reading calendar’s, it was a challenge for me to switch gears but it ended up being a treasured learning opportunity. Quickly, I grabbed one of the $1.00 bin ready-made blank books, taped a quarter sheet of copy paper onto each page and invited her to work along side of me.  This is what she created.

With more time, I will create a fancier flip book for her to build a story. But, this was quick, fun and perfect for her little creative task.

Later that evening, I noticed my oldest daughter had also finished a book about her newest love, dragons.  Within it she described each dragon, broke down the anatomy of a dragon (in her mind), added a joke and a story summary. You never know when inspiration will hit. Stop, capture the moment enjoy seeing the creative writing bloom.

Summer Journals

Looking for how to start your summer journals?  Grab a composition journal, staple the journal on the front cover with a book chart  or recording sheet on the back.  On this recording sheet I have the following sections:title, read by (the child read by themselves), Read with (Shared reading with my child) or Read To (Read Aloud to my child), Date and a space for initials. I’ll use this journal throughout the summer to capture learning moments.