News from the Rodan+Fields World

Loving my Lashes!


It’s back!  After being sold out since late June, Lash Boost, as a stand-alone product is back in stock.  One of my all time favorite products, Lash Boost has exceeded my expectations. From little stubs to lovely full lashes,  I’m hooked.


So how does Lash Boost work exactly?
1. First, It MOISTURIZES the eye lash with sodium hyaluronate!
2. Next, Lash Boost provides NUTRITION to the lash through 3 different amino acid peptides! 
3. Then, Lash Boost PROTECTS the lash from breakage and brittleness with biotin and keratin!

If that wasn’t enough, here’s what else differentiates LASH BOOST in the marketplace!
-No prescription necessary!
-It’s a single tube application, so no multiple disposable brushes!
-Comes in a full 60-day quantity with our 60-day, money-back guarantee!
-Also effective on eyebrows!
Just one swipe across the base of the eye lid and you are done!  Fast, Easy, Fun and Effective!!!



Rodan+Fields has given me the gift of freedom!  Thanks to my amazing customers and support network, I am able to work from home giving me the time to write, blog and be available for our children. Plus, it has given us extra funds to provide for our three. Now my husband and I are dreaming of adventures and new goals for our family. What could it do for you?


Click here or message me to for more information. or

It's Hydration Time!


Last night I tuned in LIVE to watch the launch of Rodan+Fields newest product, Hydration!  Check out some of the benefits behind this product:

💦 200% more hydration on the FIRST try.
💦 30% Glycerin bound to Hyaluronic Acid.
💦 SELF ADJUSTING to YOUR skin type.  
💦 BOOSTS your regimens results.
💦 EVERY PC Regimen order in May/June gets a 3 day sample of this magic!! 

To say I’m excited by the newest product is an understatement.  I’m thrilled to get my hands on this serum!!!! The enthusiasm continued as today some of the local Rodan+Fields ladies celebrated with our own little launch lunch!  Excitement over the newest product, Hydration, buzzed as we chatted about the amazing LIVE launch and the anticipation of trying the serum ourselves. Thanks to each of you wonderful ladies for helping making my RF life so fun and vibrate!!


My own Hydration Serum is ordered, I can’t wait to see for myself the benefits!! Yay to #RFHydrationNation!

Spring Special!! 

💛🌺💐💛 JUST IN!!! SPRING SPECIAL!!!!!💛💐🌺💛

Starting today (while supplies last) you can get your hands on two of my favorite RF products:

• REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream

• REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum 

+ this adorable RF signature wristlet and a fabulous custom gift box!! 

Consider giving this adorable gift for the following occasions:

🙋🏼Mother’s Day!! 


💍bridal showers!! 

💛The possibilities are endless!💛 

What a sweet spring steal for only $105 (preferred customer pricing).
 Message me ASAP so I can help you get your order in while supplies last!
Feel free to share my post – and if you send 3 friends my way that take advantage of this deal – Yours will be free!! 

Exciting News in the Rodan+Fields World!

Active Hydration Serum will launch in the Rodan+Fields line soon! Welcome HYDRATION, a product designed to make your skin act younger!! This one of a kind product can be used with all four of our regimens!! Stay tuned for more details and how are you can be one of the first to get your hands on this product!!!


The NEWS is out!!! The buzz is electric and the beauty editors are raving about our breakthrough product that is soon coming!!!! I love this quote I found the other day and it’s so true:


Now’s the time all, if you are ready for an adventure come and join me in this growth opportunity.  If you live in the area and want to learn more about Rodan+Fields products or considering a business opportunity, join us tomorrow tonight or message me! My Rodan+Fields Website



40th Birthday Bash

Come and join the Birthday Bash. Everyone will be approved when the party starts Thursday, January 12 at 8:00pm. There will be live videos, games, drawings and LuLaRoe boutique shopping with Jessica K.


The Grand prize is a basket full of Rodan+Fields goodies and a OS or TC legging. 1 entry earned for each person you add to the party!! Here is the Grand Prize Basket, it’s just missing the mini eye cream!!


For a look at how Rodan+Fields has changed my life, check out my before and after pictures.  I seriously love what Rodan+Fields has done with my skin. The first picture is before RF, the second last spring and the third last Friday (I do have mineral peptides and make up in the last two pictures).  I started with Sooth, moved to Redefine and then Reverse. I now use a combination of Reverse in the morning, Redefine at night and Lash Boost. I turn 40 in 11 days and I feel fantastic!!


My results with Lash Boost my me feel so pretty!  I love my lashes!


The first picture is before I started, the second 4 weeks. The third, 8 weeks in and the 4th today (12 weeks). I am wearing mascara on in the last two pictures.  

Click here for a link to my Birthday Bash Party!!!



A Rodan+Fields Merry Christmas


Preferred customers are the heart of my business and what a better time then the holidays to give back and say thank you to those who have supported my journey. As a special treat, this Christmas, preferred customers will receive a coupon valued at $10.00 of their next order of $80.00 or more.  March 31, 2017 is the date set for expiration so there is plenty of time to claim their offer.  Thanks to my fantastic R+F team and sponsor for this most wonderful idea.  Your help, support and guidance is a gift I truly cherish.

You are welcome to use this free template.  Click below for the PDF or editable page.  Print on cardstock or resume paper for a more formal look.



Click Below for the Gift Certificates

PDF Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate to Edit

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Lash Boost Is Live!


Hello my Rodan+Fields friends!  This week was an important week for our company.  A new product launched bright and early Wednesday morning.  By 5:00am I was up and ordering Lash Boost for my customers.  I started using Lash Boost almost three weeks ago and already I have notice a change. My lashes are looking fuller, longer and healthier. I’ll hold of posting picture until I’ve used Lash Boost for 4-6 weeks but I’m already thrilled by my results and I can’t wait to share.  What is Lash Boost and how does it work?

Lash Boost is designed for fuller-looking, longer-looking, darker-looking eyelashes

  1. First it moisturizes the eye lash with sodium hyaluronate.
  2. Next, Lash Boost provides nutrition to the lash through 3 different amino acid peptides!
  3. Lastly, Lash Boost protects the lash from breakage & brittleness with biotin and keratin.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s what else differentiates Lash Boost in the marketplace!

  • No prescription necessary!
  • It’s a single tube application, so no multiple disposable brushes.
  • Comes in a full 60-day quantity with our 60 day , money back guarantee.
  • Also effective on eyebrows!

So why was I up so early ordering?  For a limited time or until the item sells out, Lash Boost comes as a holiday special paired with a mini eye cream and adorable eye bag .  Want more information or to get your hands on this product, head on over to my Rodan+Fields website: or send me a message.


Sparkle Party


Rodan+Fields had their annual convention this week in Las Vegas.  Unable to attend, they offered the chance to partake virtual, for which I took advance.  The viral platform was valuable way to participate. Not only were you able to stream live events but you could also tune into breakout sessions, play trivia and chat with other virtual attendees.  I loved having the chance to see the new product reveal, lash boost, and hear about other upcoming offers.  Excited about this new product, I’m ready to get my hands on one of these packages.


Unfortunately my streaming ran into some difficulties. Already my internet is slow and the event ran into a few streaming challenges so I missed some of the live events. However, the best part about virtual is the chance to watch the classes I missed. I’m thankful I’ll be able to catch up and stream events on my time.


Since I wasn’t able to go this year, I decided to host a sparkle party here in town.  A handful of lovely ladies were able to come. What a fun away to spend an afternoon chatting about future plans, boosting each other’s confidence, discussing goals and supporting each other!  For our sparkle party, we all wore sparkly outfits and I ordered a fun pair of $16.00 sparkle slippers from Amazon.


Walmart had sparkle pumpkins for .97 cents and glitter card stock.  I framed the cardstock into an old picture frame and added a cute sparkly bow for a photo backdrop. I pulled out a few of our Halloween decorations, opened sparkly champagne and cranked the music.  For extra fun, we even did a short live video for our team in Vegas.


The best park, I can use all of this glitter for Halloween and Christmas!  Yay, Sparkle!