Year in Review for Kids

Our 2018 story may be over but our new 365 page book for 2019 is just in it’s beginning. This weekend we took some time to reflect on last year and forecasted some 2019 fun. If you are looking for a simple project to ring in the new year and draw a close to 2018, just print and have fun!

For the past several years we have chosen a word to focus our goals. Here are the past words we’ve used.

  • 2016: Love
  • 2017: Pray
  • 2018: Grow
  • 2019: Abundance

This year we decided to let the kids choose their own focus word. Now to find some create some project to help them develop their word for the year.

  • 9 year old: Keep Going
  • 7 Year old: Snuggle
  • 5 Year Old: Try
  • My Word: Abundance
  • My Husband: Intention

2019 we are ready to write your story!