Elf in Training Day 18

We continue our advent adventures with Day 18. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2018: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 18 Tasks:

Elf in Training/Family Holiday Activity

1. Give a Random person a Christmas or Holiday Card

The kids each grabbed an extra Christmas card to fill out and leave in the neighbors mailboxes.  In addition, we wished random people a Merry Christmas on Face Book Messenger! Everyone loves a little morning cheer. 

2. Do Something Sweet for Someone

Oh what fun this adventure will be, the choices are endless! Will we treat someone to coffee, draft a fun letter or plunk extra change in the Salvation Army Bucket? Today we get to be creative with our combined family activity and Random Acts of Kindness!Looking for some ideas, check out a couple of these resources:Friendship About is filled with easy and simple Acts of kindness, this website is sure to fill your Kindness ideas bucket!This BuzzFeed Post is chalk full of 101 ideas to do something sweet for someone!

Workout Challenge

18 Pilate Roll-ups or 18 Sun Salutations

Image from http://gethealthyu.com/pilates-workout-beginners/

Image from https://healeyinstitute.org/2013/11/30/sun-salutations-in-a-nutshell/

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