A Rainbow of Fun

A Rainbow of Fun!




A little touch of Easter a flavor of spring. My little preschooler was fascinated by rainbows on this particular day and kept keeping these magical arrays in everything we did. So for a fun extra projects we found this easy science lesson to blend colors to create a rainbow effect. Give it a try for yourself and see what you think!

Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment 

For our experiment, we set up the cups, added the water, color and then paper towels.  The walking color didn’t magically appear right away so we decided to head to art class. Upon our return the it really did look wonderful!!

While at art class, Jackie, Cayden’s teacher at Aberdeen Bead and Brushes had a variety of projects with rainbow’s as well!  Check out this fun science lesson with jelly beans and skittles!! Tuesday Mornings at 10:00am in Aberdeen, there is toddler art for $5.00. Cayden always has a fun time creating and meeting out with friends! So, if you are in the Sandhills area of Southern Pines/Pinehurst, come and join us!


So how do you recreate this rainbow of colors?  Grab a white disposable plate, a bag of skittle or jellybeans and a small cup of water. Line the ring of the plate with your candy, poor a little water and watch the magic happen.  Additionally, Cayden create a chalk egg project that same day!  So much to do so little time!


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