Our Weekly Menu with Air Fried Mahi Mahi Tacos

This weeks menu is ready! We follow the guidelines of Trim Healthy Mama developed by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison and we encourage you to check out their websitebooks and various social media platforms.


Monday: Little Sweet Little Spicy Drumsticks (S) page 221 in Tim Healthy Table with Air fried Brussel Sprouts (S) Full of flavor with a little sweet and a little spicy flavor just as the name suggests, we love this easy recipe.

Tuesday: Air Fried Mahi Mahi Tacos (E) see recipe below. We love our air frier!  It sure makes life easy and dinners fast.

Wednesday:Low Carb Alfredo Chicken (S) with Low Carb Stromboli (S) A fun little recipes for a midweek dinner.

Thursday:Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes (S) with low carb tortillas in place of hamburger buns. I’m excited to try this new recipe!

Friday: Low Carb Pizza, (c/o) crust made with Cheese bread sticks on page 310of the book Trim Healthy Table. 

Saturday: We are off for Easter Weekend!

Sunday: Traveling to see family for Easter


Sweet Treats

These Mint Brownies (S) look delicious and easy!

Cinnamon Rolls Easter Treat

Air Fried Mahi Mahi Tacos (E)


For the Fish:

  • 3- 4fillets of Mahi Mahi
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 lime
  • pinch of salt
  • pepper
  • 1 cup baking blend

For the Taco:

  • low carb tortillas
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • Tablespoon of lime
  • 1 can of drained and rinsed black beans
  • 1 bag of baby kale
  • sugar-free salsa


  1. Preheat airfryer to 390 degrees. Cut Mahi Mahi into fork sized pieces and add to a bowl. Blend onion powder, paprika, the juice of half a lime, salt and pepper. Marinade for 20 mins.
  2. Coat the Mahi Mahi and coat with baking blend. Place fish into airfyer and cook for 15 minutes. If you airfryer is smaller, you may have to do in shifts.
  3. Combine greek yogurt with a Tablespoon of lime and some salt and pepper in a small bowl.
  4. You may choose to toast or broil your low-carb tortillas in the oven to warm them.
  5. Assemble your tacos with fish, beans, yogurt blend, kale and salsa.

We are not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama nor endorsed by them. As with all resources, you should review them with care. We have done our best to make the recipes and all menu plans THM compliant in an effort to assist you on your journey.

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