Elf in Training- Day 2

Elf in Training Day 2

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Advent Adventures Day 2

We continue our advent adventures with Day 2. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2016: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 2 Tasks:

Elf in Training

1. Tell what you Love about each of your family members

  • Use a cheerful card or notepad and write down what you love about each of your family members.

2.  Volunteer your time.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Volunteer to wish the dishes.
  • Volunteer to help with laundry.
  • Volunteer to help in the community.

For kids this could be as simple as helping around the house or asking to do something other then their regular chores. For adults, look up a local food bank, cook a meal for new parents, help put wreaths/flowers at a memorial or look for someone who needs help out and about.

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Family Holiday Activity

Watch a Favorite Holiday Movie

It’s family movie night and what a better way to start the holiday season with a feel-good Christmas movie. With the weather chilly in Florida tonight, we are going to light a cozy fire, snuggle up with some blankets, pop some delicious popcorn and watch one of our favorite holiday family movies.  What’s one of your most treasured family Christmas movies?

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Workout Challenge

Two minutes of jump rope

Time for a quick warm up. Two minutes of jump rope is an excellent way to get my heart rate up before my regular workout.

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