Elf in Training

Elf in Training

Kindness Campaign

  • Be Grateful
  • Be Kind
  • Believe

Welcome to my Elf in Training, Kindness Campaign for Christmas 2017! This holiday season, I am challenging my family to a month of kindness to practice the Christmas Attitude of Gratitude! My three will fill out their Elf Application then they will get to work practicing Random Acts of Kindness around the community. Daily they will draw a card from my stack of 54 cards (locate in my Etsy Page). Each task is centered around kindness with a quote to inspire. Once the task is complete they may leave their card for someone else to find. That evening, once the activity is done, they will add a link to their Christmas chain to watch kindness grow. Don’t forgot to ask your kids to be kind to themselves as much as to their neighbor!! One special page has 6 elf challenges such as a cookie decorating or best dressed elf contests. Get ready for some fun and enjoy the holiday season!! Be Grateful, Be Kind & Believe! To get our kindness cards, click on my Venture2Learn’s Etsy Page

Example of the Kindness Cards

Meet the Elves in Training:

Pickle the Elf:

Scarlet the Elf

Helica the Elf



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