Letter L is for Leaves

November is here and with it Fall themed activities for Preschool. Our first full week in fall is all about leaves.  With 16 pages of activities and other creative learning projects, your preschool child will enjoy learning all about leaves! This set includes a letter L word hunt, a color by numbers, a pattern and simple counting page and a pumpkin song.

Throughout next week, I’ll update this blog post with pictures of my little 4 year old working on some of the creative projects designed especially for preschool learning fun.  Here is a glimpse of the projects created (for more, click here):


Click here for a link to my Etsy site for a PDF of our leaf activities.

Suggested Books for letter L Leaf Reading


There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves 

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Fletcher and The Falling Leaves

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

The Leaves on the Trees 


Other Activities for Leaf Week
  • Colorful Leaf Rubbings
  • Outdoor Walk and Leaf Collection
  • Bake Leaf Cutout Cookies and Decorate
  • Leaf Stained Glass Art, (Press leaves, crayons to melt between wax paper and heat on low with an iron.
  • Silly Leaf art- using googley eyes and pipe cleaners make “pet” leaves.
  • Pictures from our leaf activities this week!

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