“Train” Your Brain

Train Your Brain


School is officially in session it’s time to Train Your Brain.

Welcome all to Fall!

Excitement is building as my creativity has soared over the last couple weeks. Thanks to the expertise of Bamboo Rocket Apps, my blog is getting a makeover.  With the transfer of my site, I will be better able to build and grow.  So, invite your friends and family as we launch on a journey and get ready for an exciting adventure with Venture2Learn! With fresh, innovative ideas and a creative approach to teaching, leading and learning I am ready to share my unique teaching style. I look forward to meeting more families on the same journey, learning from them and growing as a community.  I’m bubbling with promise of what’s to come!!

As I worked on setting up my classroom for preschool, I created a couple designs that I wanted to share today.  This adorable “Train” your brain was inspired by my little one’s love of transportation.  Together with his help, we designed each train car, engine and caboose with simple shapes.  See if you can find an identify all the until lines and shapes we used.  Each shape color choice is selected by him. For our math cars, we used Pixabay, a free image site, for each car, truck or form of transportation.  Our little four year old is in love with his cars and loves to count, build on and identify his shapes.  Have a little one who loves trains, cars or automobiles, this set is for you! Shape Train contains a set of 12 shapes an engine and caboose. The number set includes a numbers building from 1-12 an engine car and caboose.

Travel to my Etsy Page to see the Shapes Train and Numbers Train listings.  Below is a preview of our train.



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