Summer Family Adventures Week 10


Summer Family Adventures

August 2017

Looking for a way to organize your summer goals, check out our August Summer Activities.  Each day, during the the week, we have an academic goal, life skill or sports activity.  Weekends are reserved for a fun family adventure and chosen from our families Summer Bucket List.


Week 10 Adventures!

Monday: Sports Day  7 minute Superhero Workout We are going to try a new app I just heard about that takes kids on missions while they exercise.

Tuesday: Eating Fractions During snack time, we will divide yummy foods and learn about fractions in a real-world setting.

Wednesday: Exploring Science– We will explore science in our own backyard with this scavenger hunt. Scavenger Hunt


Thursday: Life Skill Discovery Drawing a birthday notes and thank you cards. Our youngest has his birthday this week and gifts have already arrived.  Starting early, I want my kids to show they are thankful treats by sending thank you cards.

Friday: Art Class Painting with Ice Cubes.  I’m creating a new recipe so once we try it and love it, I’ll feature it on the blog.

Family Adventure


Water Day  

Today we will grab our swimsuits, Buckets, Water Guns and Water Balloons and enjoy a water day! Looking for a way to bring water to your own party, check out Home Depot’s Blog on  PVC Pipe Sprinklers and games.

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