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Life Skill Discovery Writing a Letter


Our oldest decided, after reading the first couple of Harry Potter Books, to write a letter to J.K. Rowling.  So we asked each of our kids to choose their favorite author.

We all have our favorite authors, our children are no exception.  Gravitating towards stories that mirror their interests and, for the older kids, are on their personal reading level, kids love to follow a familiar story-teller. The excitement that comes from reading your own books, gaining fluency through familiar print and a sense of clarity when comprehension is mastered gives you ownership. Here are the authors our children elected to write:

My 8 year old: J. K. Rowling author of the Harry Potter Series


Our 6 year old: Mo Williams author of comical Piggie, Elephant and Pigeon Books


The 3 year old: Sharri Duskey Rinker author of the cleaver Construction Site Books


As each child wrote their letter we required the following elements:

  • Date-honestly we forgot this element, Oops
  • Greeting
  • Body of the Letter – with something they liked about their books, a question and a drawing
  • Closing
  • Our return address- just in case an author feels inclined to write back.

This time, we didn’t make a template or use lined paper, I just let them write on blank printer paper.  Click Here for a Letter format

Next, I located the address for each author, many are already posted online however, I had to write a personal email to Ms. Rinker’s business manager. We received a response with in a day! Finally, the kids addressed, sealed and stamped their envelope. Their favorite part was posting their mail, waving goodbye and wishing good luck for their letter’s journey.



[wpvideo zuq8fAdI]

(Her video says: “Goodbye, I hope you make it to Mo Williams.”)



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