Summer Family Adventures Week 4


Summer Family Adventures

Week 4

Looking for a way to organize your summer goals, check out our Summer Family Adventures.  Each day, during the the week, we have an academic goal, life skill or sports activity.  Weekends are reserved for a fun family adventure and chosen from our families Summer Bucket List. For a review of our week 1 adventures, click on this link

Here are our week 4 goals:

Monday: Graphing with Math – In order to prepare for next months summer bucket list, I’ll have the kids request their favorite activities and create a bar or pie graph to display their results.

Tuesday: Life Skill Discovery- Planning our road trip and adventure ahead, our kids will learn how to prepare for a camping get-away. They will also work with us on some basic camping lessons this weekend.

Wednesday: Art Class- Painting Patriot Pictures and creating goodbye gifts with a 4th of July theme.

Thursday: Sports Day Gymnastics is the sport of the day with our oldest working out at her Martial Arts Class.

Friday: Movement-  Dance Break!!

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