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Moving Menu

Our house is empty and we are in temporary lodging for the week.  With that in mind, we needed to be creative with our meals to avoid eating out. So, what did we pack to help?  Our Instapot traveled with us along with our camping gear. Our favorite one-pot meal from last weekend was Hillbilly Chicken (S). We will defiantly put that back on the family menu sometime soon. The Butternut Squash Bean Enchilada Casserole was also a a yummy option. We meal plan using the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. For more about this healthy eating, click on the websites, Trim Healthy Mama.

Monday: Low Carb Stromboli (S) With the now famous cream cheese and mozzarella bread, I know this is going to be a favorite meal this week. We didn’t get a chance to make this meal but we are both excited to try it.

Tuesday: Whole Roasted Chicken  Delicious poultry in less than 30 minutes and a one pot clean up, yes please!

Wednesday: BBQ PorkChops   Take a peek at this recipe, this looks amazing!  We can’t wait to try this treat.

Thursday: Leftovers or eggs for dinner (S or E)

Friday: Salmon and Veggies, As a salute to six years near the beach, fish is on the menu tonight.

Saturday: lettuce bun hamburgers

Sunday: Hot Dogs over the campfire.


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