Family Adventure #1


Family Adventure #1

Blueberry Farm 

Nestled against the backdrop of rural Florida, Baker is home to numerous fruit farms. Strawberry season has just ended it’s spring fling. Now, juicy blueberries and plump blackberries are making their debut. What’s better then a bowl full of juicy berries, a warm blueberry pie or a decadent berry loaded muffin? So, for our first family adventure, we traveled to an Organic U-Pick Blueberry Farm.  Hosted by a lovely local couple, this hidden gem is worth the short drive.

We drove up to their home and then knocked on their front door to announce we had arrived. They loaned us buckets for berries, gave us quick instructions and we headed off on our adventure.  Thankfully we were there by 9:00am because when the sun starts cooking and the humidity gets heavy in Florida, the kids (and parents) wilt fast.  Our kids held on for a little bit looking for the largest and juiciest berries.  Then as they scampered off to play in the shade, my husband and I continued to fill our pails.

Berries were plentiful, large and sun-kissed. We quickly filled our buckets. After about half an hour, we had picked 6 pounds of berries from only a couple of bushes. We headed back to their house, paid $1.50 (cash only) per pound and received a bonus gift; a page of their favorite recipes.  Keep track of your visits – each trip you receive a new selection of delicious blueberry recipes to try.  What’s more fun thn a trip to the berry farm where you are treated like family?  We will be back! Now for some blueberry pie!

For current information, such as inclement weather at The U-Pick blueberry farm, check out their Facebook Page.

What to Bring:
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray
  • Cash or Check
  • Strap or sling for the bucket (frees up both hands for berry picking)
Family Rating for the U-Pick Blueberry Farm
  • My eight year old’s review, “Great trip, we picked some blueberries as blue as the sky!”
  • My six year old’s review, “Fun trip, berries are fun being picked off a bush, except watch out for spiders and wasps”.
  • My three year old’s review, “Good trip, blueberries were delicious”.

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