Capture the Moment


Capture the Moment

Yesterday as I worked to design our June Home Reading Calendar, my middle child wandered over with a book, “Peek-a-Zoo” by Marie Torres Cimarusti, which she had just finished reading. She requested to create a flip book just like Peek-a-Zoo.  As I was in the middle of reading calendar’s, it was a challenge for me to switch gears but it ended up being a treasured learning opportunity. Quickly, I grabbed one of the $1.00 bin ready-made blank books, taped a quarter sheet of copy paper onto each page and invited her to work along side of me.  This is what she created.

With more time, I will create a fancier flip book for her to build a story. But, this was quick, fun and perfect for her little creative task.

Later that evening, I noticed my oldest daughter had also finished a book about her newest love, dragons.  Within it she described each dragon, broke down the anatomy of a dragon (in her mind), added a joke and a story summary. You never know when inspiration will hit. Stop, capture the moment enjoy seeing the creative writing bloom.

Summer Journals

Looking for how to start your summer journals?  Grab a composition journal, staple the journal on the front cover with a book chart  or recording sheet on the back.  On this recording sheet I have the following sections:title, read by (the child read by themselves), Read with (Shared reading with my child) or Read To (Read Aloud to my child), Date and a space for initials. I’ll use this journal throughout the summer to capture learning moments.

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