Date Night Story Teller

June Date Night Challenge


A few weeks ago my oldest daughter came home with a blast from the past in the form of a “Story Teller” otherwise know as a “Cootie Catcher”. How on earth it got that name, I have no idea, however it sure sent me back a few years. She was especially shocked when she saw me demonstrate my “fortune teller” skills.  Not only did she request that we create a special one for her, which had me exploring the internet for a printable pattern, but it also gave me the idea for my Date Night version.


A couple of winters ago I came across a creative Christmas gift for my sister and brother-in-law, A Year of Dates.  With creative, inexpensive and easy ideas, my husband and I challenged them to a date night a month.  Since then my family and I  have designed and created our own date night books as wedding and Christmas gifts.  Always looking for fun ideas to add to our date night collection, I recently created this Date Night Story Teller using the template from Downloadable Cootie Catchers.

June Date Night Challenge
  • Head out to Dinner or plan a Stay-Date at Home.  Is your spouse long-distance or deployed, this date can be played over video chat.  Print, fold then pull out this “Blast from the Past” Date Night Story Teller and encourage your partner to play along to spark a creative conversation.


  • To play ask your partner or spouse to pick a color. Spell that color or word moving the teller back and forth.

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  •  Next, have them pick a number. Do the activity and then count that number again moving the teller back and forth for the number picked. Finally have them choose a triangle to open and read the activity.  Repeat as often as you want.

Want more of our unique and fun date nights? Over the next few months, I’ll post a new and creative date night that I challenge you to try!

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