Ocean Analogies & Other Science Fun


Florida: Peninsula :: Hawaii: Island

Living so close to the beach allows us to play with comparisons and analogies.  Over the last two weekends we have ventured out to our local beaches where my three babies quickly noticed the differences from Florida to Hawaii. Ask them which one they prefer and they will instantly say Hawaii but then just as quickly amend that our beaches are just as amazing.

White sandy beaches along the Emerald Coast allows for a stunning contrast and a  welcome escape.  While Hawaii has cove beaches and a peaceful landscape that evokes tranquility. Anyway you look at it, both are gorgeous landscapes that are enjoyed especially right now in winter.  Here are some of the comparisons the kids have made.

  • Destin, Florida: White Sands vs. Kauai, Hawaii: Brown Sands

  • Florida: Palm Trees vs .Hawaii: Coconut Palms

  • Florida: Seagulls vs. Hawaii: Macaws (in a local hotel)

  • Florida: Long Flowing Beach Grass vs. Hawaii: Lava Rocks

  • Florida: Long Stretches of Beaches vs. Hawaii: Rocky Cove Beaches

  • Florida: Dolphins vs. Hawaii: Whales

  • Florida: Cold water in winter vs. Hawaii: Warm water in winter


During our most recent trip to Hawaii we looked at many different comparisons to give the kids a sense of wonder and amazement at the difference they find in the world around them.  One such science lesson had us exploring a pond verses ocean life.  As we researched the pond, we watched a variety of different animal and plant life.  We examined the size of ponds & lakes and compared them to oceans and then analyzed salt verses fresh water.

Near the  Opaeka’a Falls and down a steep road is the little reconstructed Hawaiian village of Kamokila.  This little gem was a favorite for our family.  Guided by Ilima, this lovely artist took us on a personal tour of the village, playing her ukulele as we walked and explored each hut.  Much history was learned as she entertained us with stories about island life.  While on our peaceful tour we discovered the joy of learning without walls by sampling food off the trees, playing games, learning about local history and past plant based medicine (this sure helped with the pesky mosquito bites). This little village gave us the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast historical lifestyle with current practices.

Other science activities that our kids enjoyed on the island:

Kauai Coffee Plantation: Excellent self-guided or docent lead tours

Kauai Plantation Railway: Tour lead by an adorable train through the orchard.

Allerton Gardens : Well worth the entry fee, this garden with it’s rich history and gorgeous views is a garden tour that even our youngest enjoyed.

Salt Pond: Although not currently opened, the children were able to see the salt beds and get an idea of how it was cultivated.

Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast  Stunning landscape, makes this day trip well worth the drive.  Someday it would be fun to take an arial tour or boat trip out of see the coast.  With our young children, it didn’t happen this time.  However, the views are not to be missed, from the lookouts.

Kauai Luau: My kids one request was to take their dad to a luau.  The dancing, artistry and food was a hit with the whole family.  Learning about traditions, comparing the food and making precious memories made the experience so worth while.

Many discovery are made when learning without walls. In the next couple posts, I will blog my kids 10 ten must see/do things around the island of Kaua’i.

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