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Spring feels like it’s on the way here in Florida as today we once again head to the beach. But first, before we play, I wanted to plan our menu and be ready for the fun this week has in store.  This particular Trim Healthy Mama menu I wanted to focus on recipes found in Necessary Foods by Briana Thomas’ Kitchen.  Most of this week’s dinners will have a page reference to her book.  To see our full menu, click here.  After an particularly busy Valentine’s week, I am now ready to focus on my blog!  Get ready for some fun upcoming posts!

Monday: Spaghetti with carb friendly noodles(E). A personal favorite for my kids is Dreamfield Pasta.  Although, tomorrow I may try and cook up zucchini noodles in the air fryer.

Tuesday: Hotdogs (S)- for a healthier option, I usually choose Hebrew Nationals or another kosher option. To pair with our hot dogs, I will cook up some fried okra in the air fryer.

Wednesday: Eggroll in a bowl with Cauli rice (S) page 75 in the book Necessary Foods – an fast, easy and flavorful dish, this is a family favorite.  There are many different recipes on Pinterest and in the Trim Healthy Mama Book but this is a new for our family.

Thursday: Taco Soup (E)- page 103 in the book Necessary Foods. I’m throwing this recipe in the cookbook for an easy but flavorful dish.

Friday: Low Carb Pizza (C/O).- Friday is Pizza and a Movie for our family

Saturday: Butter Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole (S) page 56 of Necessary Foods.  The picture in the book sold me on this recipe.  I’m excited to try however, I know my kids won’t be thrilled with a casserole so I may put some chicken aside for them.

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner/Leftovers (S or E) with all the delicious recipes this week, we are bound to have plenty of leftovers.

Dessert: Butter Pecan Ice Cream page 220 of Necessary Foods!  I can’t wait to try this delicious sounding treat.  Butter pecan not your favorite? Briana Thomas has a huge selection of ice cream flavor in her book and on her blog.


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