Rainbows and Butterflies

Hawaii is stunning, with gorgeous cove like beaches and heavenly painted sunsets that begged to be watched, visiting the island of Kaua’i is comparable to entering a dreamland. Stunning views and a multitude of places to explore, the geography is a travelers paradise.  With many captivating memories imprinted into our family’s experiences, the two weeks were amazing.  However, not all of our trip was filled with rainbows and butterflies.  During these moments we tried to keep a positive attitude and roll with the tide.


With a bad storm hammering much of the east coast, our connecting flights were tricky and our luggage was delayed by a few days. Upon reaching the island, we were utterly thankful to have arrived safe, sound and on the same day! Additionally, my husband traveled this leg with us and having an extra set of hands made an enormous difference. The stress evaporated making the traveling journey enjoyable. The first few days, frolicking around Kaua’i in winter travel clothes was a challenge. However, we were thankful to have a laundry machine and extra essential items brought by my parents and sister’s family. Ultimately, a quick shop for swimsuits for the kids and a summer dress for me, made the rest of the wait so much easier.

Normally a healthy eater, avoiding sugars and complex carbs, and addicted to my five days of workouts I unconsciously took a break during our two-week vacation. During our trip I overindulged with sweeties and enjoyed delicious dinners out (Who doesn’t love decadent macadamia-nut ice cream tucked inside a heap of mango flavored shaved ice). Moments of guilt plagued my conscience as I used swimming and basic hiking as my daily workouts. However, I could not seem to stop the sweet cravings and time away from my exercise.  Where as before I would allow my lapse to gnaw at me, this time I am not allowing myself to dwell.  Living in the moment and learning moderation is key as I move beyond the guilt.  Bouncing back to healthy eating and workouts came as we returned and wouldn’t you know, I feel more energized and empowered.

Our last couple days on the island, the dreaded stomach bug hit our family.   By this time, my husband and already left for home, everyone was sick and we were facing an overnight flight home.  All but one of my babies had their personal day of rest and I was dreading the upcoming trip, where I was sure my five-year old would come down with the flu. Three flights later and 11 hours in the air, my girl still didn’t show any signs of tummy trouble -and I watched her like a hawk.  Amazingly and ironic since she struggles with G.I. issues, she is the only one not to come down with the flu out of 15 people. We are immensely thankful to have made it home without her getting ill.

Are these the memories that I am going to let define a lovely family vacation?  No!! Memorable moments, yes, I can call them that but I have a choice now to turn them into fantastic self-growth lessons, learning opportunities and a chance to focus on all the amazing time we spent as a family. Looking back on the trip, we were able to see a great deal, spend much-needed time with each other and turn this vacation into a cherished memory. Within the next few blog posts I will explore some of our must see places on Kaua’i, discuss learning without walls, and share projects developed on the island.  There is so much to do and see in the paradise of Kaua’i Hawaii!

Finally, a shout out to my parents!  This trip would not have been possible with our my their support.  We are so very thankful for the gift of tickets, a place to stay, abundance of food and all your help with the kids (especially the  much-needed date night out)!  Thank you so much for all you do for us and our family!  You are both a blessing and an inspiration.

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  1. I love this post! It reminds of when my husband would go TDY to San Diego for two weeks at a time. We would pack our homeschool with us and have a fun adventure with homeschool on the beach! We made awesome memories and I think that year (we went three times in one year) is my favorite year so far. Can’t wait to read more about your time in Hawaii. Thank you for sharing! I love your positive attitude. We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitude. Great job mom!

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