Quick and Easy Spelling and Sight Words Practice

Quick and Easy Spelling and Sight Word Pratice


Looking for a simple way to incorporate spelling and sight words into every day fun?  Find items around the house that your child gravitates towards.  Choose 10-20 words and write them on that/those objects.  Don’t want a permanent fixture, use an Expo marker.  In our case, we used the basket of oranges.  Our middle ones LOVEs it. This has prompted her to read and master more of her words.  She reads then transfers them to a new basket.  The ones she is confidant she knows, she eats.  A short but sweet treat for our little kindergartener.  Other items around the house we have used: mirrors, refrigerator, drinking cups and of course my ever favorite sticky notes.

Primary Grades

For our oldest, I again used the chalk board table runner, drew a slew of stars then wrote her spelling root words.  I had her look make her words plural and identify patterns she saw.  She then erased the words I wrote and filled it in herself.  Again, a quick but fun way to practice her words.

Meaningful Spelling-Comic Time!

Today, the girls are going to use this blank comic strip template  I created to practice writing their spelling/sight words in a meaningful way.  All three of my children are huge into superheros and what better way to add a little fun with this quick, creative activity.


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