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Fuel Cycle Week

It’s the second week in January and I’m ready for a Fuel Cycle.  While trying to get my body back on track, fuel cycles, keep me motivated, energized and feeling confidant in my Trim Healthy Mama journey. Planning is key for for a fuel cycle with lots of snacks and goodies pre-packed.  Fuel Cycles start with two deep Satisfying days, followed by two Energizing. Next is two Fuel Pull days (My most challenging) and 1 last deep S day.

I’ve stored up some delicious goodies to be used this week. Tucked in the freezer for S days snacks I have Fudge Bites and Cream Cheese Cookies. On Monday, I will be trying some yummy Hot Custard by Briana Thomas for dessert. My E Freezer snack is Tummy Tucking Ice Cream and for my FP days I will use a lot of smoothies.  Have a favorite food or snack to try on your Fuel Cycle weeks, please share!! I would love more ideas. For our full menu, Click Here .

For Dinners this week, here are our choices:

Monday:Meatball Perm Casserole from Joy Filled Eats  (S)

Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets from a Mom on Time Out (S)

Wednesday:Black Bean Chicken Salad  by Working at Home School (E)

Thursday:  Wicked White Chili (page 37 in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook).(E)

Friday:Fuel Pull Quiche Page (151 in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook). (FP)

Saturday: Whole Roasted Chicken (I’ll create broth with extra bones) (FP)

Sunday: Zucchini Pizza Boats from  A Saucy Kitchen  (S)

Wish me luck on this week’s Fuel Cycle!

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