Advent Adventures Day 16


We continue our advent adventures with Day 16. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2016: Family Holiday Activity, Random Acts of Kindness and Workout Challenge.

Day 16 Tasks:

Family Holiday Activity

Start Christmas Vacation

For our kids, it is the last day of school this year and the start of their Christmas vacation. Their excitement is evident in their smiles and their way to early morning wake up.

Image from WordSwag


Random Acts of Kindness

Tell a Joke to Make Someone Smile

A fun challenge today, I imagine the kids will be telling jokes all day to get our family and others to smile.  Looking for a guideline on how to teach children how to tell a joke? Check out the website for family friendly advice.


Workout Challenge

16 pushups & 16 Mountain Climbers

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