Advent Adventures Day 14


We continue our advent adventures with Day 14. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2016: Family Holiday Activity, Random Acts of Kindness and Workout Challenge.

Day 14 Tasks:

Family Holiday Activity/Random Acts of Kindness

Free Choice

Our activity today for both categories is a free choice on Radom Acts of Kindness.  Today I challenged our family to do as many Radom Acts of Kindness as we could.  Ideas that I gave my kids: smile at people, hold the door for others, give compliments & and just be kind to those around you.  In other-words I want them to have a positive filled December day.  Click here for other Random Acts of Kindness ideas.
Workout Challenge

14 Star Abs & 14 Back Extensions

More Core work today!!  For back extensions, lay on your stomach, place your hand on your head, elbows out. Lift up from your core, leaving your legs on the floor.

Start abs: start with your legs and arms tucked in.  Extend your arms and legs in a star formation (similar to a jump-jack position but while laying on the floor). Draw you legs and arms back in to start and repeat for 14 rounds.



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