Advent Adventures Day 9

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We continue our advent adventures with Day 9. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2016: Family Holiday Activity, Random Acts of Kindness and Workout Challenge.

Day 9 Tasks:

Family Holiday Activity

Have a Slumber Party by the Christmas Tree

Grab a pile of blankets, pillows or sleeping bags; tonight’s activity is a slumber party by the Christmas tree.  Snuggle under twinkling lights as you dream of Christmas adventures and cultivate holiday magic.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Help Someone With a Chore

See someone that needs an extra hand? Today, reach out and offer some help.  Better yet, observe something that needs to be done, pitch in and help without being asked.

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Workout Challenge

9 Gator Pushups

Regular pushups are difficult but 9 Gator pushups will really challenge my arms and core.

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