Day One of our Advent Adventures

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Day One of our Adventure Series

December 1st has arrived and with it the start of our advent adventures. Just a week ago, I posted advent activities for the holiday season.   Here are the three categories we chose: Family Holiday Activity, Random Acts of Kindness and Workout Challenge.

Day 1 Tasks:

Family Holiday Activity

Write a Letter To Santa


There are numerous websites advertising letters from Santa.  The one I like to use is the PNP (Portable North Pole) app. For the past several years I cultivated the magic of Christmas with a free, personalized video from Santa.  Last Christmas, I downloaded the free app that has both a parent and child corner.  This season I decided, to pay a little extra to make three unique videos on for each child.  Each one is about 5 mins long, creative and enchanting. It was worth it to see my three excited and beaming as Santa send hello to them, took them on a tour a different parts of the North Pole and demonstrated how each were on the nice list.  In all three videos I was able to provide their names, upload photos and pick out a task each had diligently worked on this year.  The videos are unique, creative and personal all together making for a magical experience.

This afternoon, when the kids return from school, we are going to each write a letter to Santa, (my husband and I included). In their message, I ask that they cover the following details:

  • The Date
  • Greeting to Santa
  • A kind word about Santa and his mission
  • Something for which they are thankful
  • One or more question(s) about the North Pole
  • Closing

Click here for a FREE PDF of Santa’s Letter  I created. We will send them off in the mail tomorrow.  The Package From Santa website listed Santa’s official mailing address as the following:

Santa’s Address
Santa Claus
325 S. Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705

From this website, you can also have Santa write to your kids for free.  There is a charge to upgrade for a letter directly sent to your children.  However, I just choose to have the letters emailed to me.  I’ll print, seal them in an envelope  and a little glitter and place in their stockings.

Random Acts of Kindness

Smile at 5 or more people.

At the bus stop this morning, the girls sure had fun with this task as each was trying to out smile the other. What a fun way to start our day with positivity!

Workout Challenge

Get out your yoga mats, today we have:

1 minute of plank


Need help on proper form when in plank? Check out this website for some instruction.

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