Trim Healthy Mama Menu


Our Trim Healthy Mama menu is ready. Click here to download a copy.  Our children had a hand in choosing the menu so there are many kid friendly options this week.

Monday: Blackberry Hoisin Ginger Pork Tenderloin (S)  This is an easy, crowd pleasing recipe.  I brine my tenderloin in the morning, create the sauce and throw it into the crockpot for the day

Tuesday: Simple Tacos (E) To keep my tacos E, I use small, low carb tortillas, beans, feta cheese and add peppers, tomatoes and sautéed onions.

Wednesday: Hot Dogs, I usually choose Hebrew Nationals. The kids love their hot dog buns but we use a lettuce wrap or a low carb tortilla.

Thursday: Mongolian Beef Noodle Bowl with Zoodles. Using my veggie noodle maker, I create noodles from zucchinis and too them in right before dinner starts.

Friday: Low Carb Pizza.  We toast the large Joseph Lavish Bread and decorate with our favorite toppings.

Saturday: Spaghetti with Dream Field Pasta

Sunday: Spinach Artichoke Dip  with Grilled Chicken

Two of the Sugar-Free Sopapilla Cake  made it into our house this week.  With the second batch we tossed all the ingredient into the blender and added 1/2 cup pumpkin.  The consistency was fluffy, creamy and tasted just like pumpkin cheesecake pie. My oldest loved it and has eaten over half the pie herself.  So, this week the new Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie is back on the menu for snack and dessert.



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