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It’s first draft time!  Get Ready, Set… Write! Within this post I will outline a variety of methods to get your students writing with confidence. Even the most struggling writer will find these techniques useful.

Hook your Audience

What is your reason and passion for writing?  Tap into that enthusiasm, start with a hook and pull your audience into the essay.  A captivating story, intriguing question or a thought-provoking statement are all unique styles of hooks.  Consider this analogy, visualize a triple scoop of ice cream.  ice cream cone with cherry on topThe cone holds the thesis statement, the scoops of ice cream are the main ideas or topic sentences and the cherry on top, that’s the hook.  It seems tiny but it dresses up the entire story.  That’s what the hook is to your essay, a delicious treat to pull your reader into your writing.  Stuck on how to start your hook? Try one of these creative techniques. Or, click here to download a copy..



First Draft
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Ready, set… write, keep this in mind as your students being to draft.  Editing will come with time but for now get the ideas down on paper.  Here are are my list of Do’s and Don’ts


  • Stress about spelling
  • Agonize about word usage
  • Hound on handwriting


  • Follow your outline
  • Write on topic
  • Own it!  Put your personality, style and voice into your work.
  • Have fun! Just Write!
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Cue the Keyboard

For students who struggle to write on paper have them type. Handwriting needs to be practiced and cultivated but if you are trying to encourage your student to write, this may be an excellent solution. I have come to the point in my writing where it is easier for me to type rather then a handwrite an essay.  Ideas, words and creativity flow differently when I’m typing verses using a pen.  Many kids, I know, are just learning computer skills and typing may be labor intensive. However this may just be the perfect solution for kids who not only struggle with their first draft but dread the idea of rewriting their work so, it may be worth learning to use the keyboard.

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Talk to Text

Perhaps your child needs help typing and struggles to write on paper try using dictation. This will require many starts and stops as voice to text doesn’t capture everything. However, this is a helpful tool for children who just need that extra boost.

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Record on Tape

Have a tape-recorder  or some sort of recording device?  Use this tool to help jog ideas or have a child carry a small notebook with them.  When a simple sentence or perfect paragraph pops into their head, have them record on their device or notebook.  There are so many moments when you can speak the right idea, however forget your brainstorm when you are ready to write. Recording the thought will help jog your memory to recall and write later. Don’t have a tape-recorder, consider downloading an app to help your child. This particular app, designed to look like the original tape player is a Free Recorder to record your notes on the go.

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Change of Venue, Create a Writer’s Paradise

Is your student struggling to write at their desk or table?  Change their location. This may sounds like a distraction however some kids prefer to write on the floor, in their own nook, in nature, at a coffee house or someplace that makes them feel comfortable. Other kids may need a tool to help them focus such as classical music or headphones to block out noise.Watch their stories come alive when their learning style matches the location and ambience where they have chosen to write.




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