Lash Boost Is Live!


Hello my Rodan+Fields friends!  This week was an important week for our company.  A new product launched bright and early Wednesday morning.  By 5:00am I was up and ordering Lash Boost for my customers.  I started using Lash Boost almost three weeks ago and already I have notice a change. My lashes are looking fuller, longer and healthier. I’ll hold of posting picture until I’ve used Lash Boost for 4-6 weeks but I’m already thrilled by my results and I can’t wait to share.  What is Lash Boost and how does it work?

Lash Boost is designed for fuller-looking, longer-looking, darker-looking eyelashes

  1. First it moisturizes the eye lash with sodium hyaluronate.
  2. Next, Lash Boost provides nutrition to the lash through 3 different amino acid peptides!
  3. Lastly, Lash Boost protects the lash from breakage & brittleness with biotin and keratin.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s what else differentiates Lash Boost in the marketplace!

  • No prescription necessary!
  • It’s a single tube application, so no multiple disposable brushes.
  • Comes in a full 60-day quantity with our 60 day , money back guarantee.
  • Also effective on eyebrows!

So why was I up so early ordering?  For a limited time or until the item sells out, Lash Boost comes as a holiday special paired with a mini eye cream and adorable eye bag .  Want more information or to get your hands on this product, head on over to my Rodan+Fields website: or send me a message.


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