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Who doesn’t love a good adventure story?  Teaching a child to write is one of my favorite elements of being an educator.  Watching their creativity bloom through a fictional story to understanding transitions in procedural writing, every step of the writing process excites me.  In future posts, I will outline my writing lessons from primary to upper grades, however for now, I wanted to share my adventure writing prompts created for my little learners.


Primary Writing

My little L was only in VPK (Voluntary Preschool Program) this last year so most of her writing revolved around pictures and beginning sounds.  So, in addition to the travel journals I created, I invited L to write her own books.  Often I coach a child to read through their own writing, however, since we were traveling I wanted create something special.  Not only did this prompt get her to read and write but it also created ownership and pride as family dutifully sat and listened to her stories.

From Target I found small blank books in the dollar section. On each page I wrote a small emergent sentence and she drew a picture to match, thereby helping her to visualize the word as she read. For a prompt, I also created this book, “In My Suitcase”.  On each page was a suitcase for her to draw one item with the short sentence, “A ___ is in my suitcase”.  Before we left, I had given the girls each a packing list to help them pack.  Using that tool, I helped her create the story.  My sweet L enjoyed drawing and drafting her little book.  Click here for this adventure writing prompt on my Etsy page. 

For my then 1st Grader, S, I came up with different stories to do each week.  Her first writing activity had her creating a similar packing story to L but in a procedural format.  The title, “In my Suitcase” again used the packing list as a reference.  Providing her with the mail idea and concluding sentence, I had her choose three categories: clothes, toys and school materials.  Under each category, I had her write three matching items. For instance, under clothing she choose, swim suit, shorts and shirts.  After planning the story, the first day,  I had her write a first draft the second. Editing and writing the final draft happened the third and forth day. Click here for my procedural Writing Prompt. 


The second week, I had S write an adventure story.  Using a different prompt, I created, she filled in the “boxes ” with the different story elements such as, setting, characters, events, problem and the solution.  With the first day reserved for planning, the next few days were for drafting, editing and a final copy.  Using the blank books I purchased from Target, S created a fun fictional story called “On The Island of Hawaii” complete with illustrations.  The final copy took a bit longer to write and I had to stretch it out a couple of days to finish, especially the illustrations. Click here to access my Etsy Page and my Writing Plans.The girls and I sure had fun with our adventure writing!

Heading out an a vacation and need a fun prompt? Consider checking out my adventure writing prompt or I can create something unique for your little writers.

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