Sparkle Party


Rodan+Fields had their annual convention this week in Las Vegas.  Unable to attend, they offered the chance to partake virtual, for which I took advance.  The viral platform was valuable way to participate. Not only were you able to stream live events but you could also tune into breakout sessions, play trivia and chat with other virtual attendees.  I loved having the chance to see the new product reveal, lash boost, and hear about other upcoming offers.  Excited about this new product, I’m ready to get my hands on one of these packages.


Unfortunately my streaming ran into some difficulties. Already my internet is slow and the event ran into a few streaming challenges so I missed some of the live events. However, the best part about virtual is the chance to watch the classes I missed. I’m thankful I’ll be able to catch up and stream events on my time.


Since I wasn’t able to go this year, I decided to host a sparkle party here in town.  A handful of lovely ladies were able to come. What a fun away to spend an afternoon chatting about future plans, boosting each other’s confidence, discussing goals and supporting each other!  For our sparkle party, we all wore sparkly outfits and I ordered a fun pair of $16.00 sparkle slippers from Amazon.


Walmart had sparkle pumpkins for .97 cents and glitter card stock.  I framed the cardstock into an old picture frame and added a cute sparkly bow for a photo backdrop. I pulled out a few of our Halloween decorations, opened sparkly champagne and cranked the music.  For extra fun, we even did a short live video for our team in Vegas.


The best park, I can use all of this glitter for Halloween and Christmas!  Yay, Sparkle!

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