Timelines & a Communication App


As I read the kindergartener’s newsletter this past Monday, I read they were studying timelines at school. Her homework, for the short week, was to create timelines.  However, no details came with the request so I contacted the teacher for more help.

L’s teacher uses this fantastic tool called Remind.  This safe, free and handy app allows you to send group or individual text messages to parents and students. Talk about quick, efficient and helpful, I am so in love with this gadget.   With this simple app, pictures, videos, short messages, they are all handy ways to instantly communicate with students, teachers and parents.


Quickly, little sprout’s teacher texted me back. Since it was a short week, she had decided against the homework. However, she said, I was welcome and encouraged to review timelines with my daughter.

We were almost out the door to martial arts as I scurried to create this  timeline template.  You are welcome to use this template and make any adjustments needed to fit your own child’s need.  I printed off four  copies with the following as my categories:

For a concrete understanding of how timelines are organized and read, the first two choices are more traditional. Since 5 year olds love stories about themselves (really any kid), having her come up with the details for each box was easy and fun. She drew and I helped her write the details.

L’s vacation was also an easy timeline to create. Last year I developed travel logs for each girl (I hope to get those up and published soon). Consequently, all the details from departure to our return flight was at her fingertips. All she had to do was review her journal and choose what activity to place on her timeline.

For a more fanciful and creative approach, our last timeline was for wishes. The theme could be a birthday, a future trip, a visit with family or a holiday.  My goal was to see where her creative mind takes this task.  Doing so allows me to see what most drives, motivates and excites her.  It gives me a view into her world. Much like the writing lessons I will post here, I love when students give me a glimpse into their world through creative writing and projects.  Doing so allows me to find ways to meet their needs as a learner. Let me know what other ideas and timelines you create.  Will you choose a glimpse through time, a current event or more child centered activities like ours?  Have fun!!


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