Apple Pie Day!

Cooking pie was our last activity for apple week. The kids guessed right away, when they walked in the door from school, and saw the ingredients piled on the counter our project.  They quickly went to their journals and started to work. Find the journals here on my Etsy Site.  The youngest drew and the older labeled the tools we needed in their journals.  After predicting how the pie would look, they raced to grab their chef hats (from a friend’s pizza party) and aprons then washed up for baking time.


Dusting off one of my cookbooks, I showed the girls how to find apple pie in the index. After locating the recipe, I explained how to read and get started baking. As supervisor, I guided them to set the oven, read the fractions and find the right messaging cups for each food.  As I busied myself peeling apples, they read  and added the ingredients needed to the bowl.

Thankfully, apple pie is an easy recipe.  It did not take long for the girls to mix up their apple filling.  For their cooking venture, I used a store bought crust.  Normally, I would have created a THM (Trim Healthy Mama) crust, but this was quick, easy and perfect for kids cooking. As the pie baked, the girls filled out the last bit of their recording sheet and rated the project. The youngest (3 year old) didn’t have much interest beyond mixing the apples but the girls enjoyed every step.

How did I rate the project?  Combined with $2.58 for the crust and the cost of apples (spices we had on hand) the project was inexpensive.  Beyond cutting apples, it didn’t take long to put the pie together.  Baking took the longest time however, this allowed the girls to complete their apple journals as they excitedly awaited their pie.

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