Create a Lunch

Ahh, the dreaded lunch debate

  • lunch-bag Come and pack your lunch (met with exasperated sighs)
  • 🍎  What do you want in your lunch (shoulder shrug)
Every single school night! Seriously!!  😁
We mapped out a solution, that helps… Most of the time. 😉
Here is our plan:
After a quick trip to Big Lots, I found a few containers to label.  Each drawer is stocked with fruit, veggies and meat/ cheese.  To be honest, for the first couple weeks, I tried to separate fruit and veggies into baggies but this was to much work and time consuming.  So now, we just place the items in each draw for them to choose. Not every vegetable and fruit is available each week since it would be a bit expensive.  However, it is our goal that our children at least attempt to pack their own lunch with a few choices.
They must pack one of each fruit, vegetable, meat, treat and drink.
Take a quick trip to my Esty page for a free lunch bin template. Then snap & share pictures of your young ones packing their lunches.

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