Egg Adventures

Egg Adventures!

How is Easter already next weekend?  Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas?  In the spirit of the holiday, I created a few fun projects for our kids this week.  With each one of our children at different academic levels, I wanted to develop an activity that would address each individual’s needs. Also as a combined family project, I brought back our Christmas Kindness Challenge and revamped it for Easter.


Kindness Challenge

Be Grateful, Be Kind, Believe in Kindness

Little toys, tiny trinkets, a coin or maybe a dollar, these are some of the possibilities that fill our kindness challenge eggs. Over the next week, our family will find places around town or even on our spring break travels to place these little gifts of love.  What would you put in your own kindness eggs?

Sight Word and Beginning Letter Challenge

Egg Fun for Four


Our four year old this week is working on beginning letters and recognizing site words in preparation for Kindergarten in the fall.  On the outside of each egg is the letter of the word inside. At the $ section of Target I found an egg puzzle. On one side I placed shape stickers and the other number for review.  Story starters are also typed up on other pieces of paper as a fun way to travel.  Open up each egg, read the story starter and create a family story as you drive or fly towards your family adventure.

Motor Skills and Movement Challenge

Eggs & Movement

Our middle girl is working on strengthening her muscles. So for her eggs, we placed a variety of movement exercises to get her up, moving and engaging those muscles in a fun challenge.


Stem Questions in Context Challenge

Stem Stories

Our oldest is working hard to master Stem questions in reading context. For her, I typed up a list of questions sent home by the school to use for her story retell.

What Egg Creations do you have planned for your Easter Celebration this year? 

Serving up Learning

Serving up Learning

Have old plasticware and plastic bowls laying around the house?

Why not use them for a fun learning exercise!

We just happen to have an odd assortment in from our last party. So with a little fun and creative planning we turned those plasticware a lot of fun.

Materials I used:

  • Marker
  • Plastic Bowls
  • Pastic Spoons
  • Play Rolling Pin (& fondant rolling pin for me)
  • plastic letters or letter cookie cutters
  • play dough or cookie dough

Label the spoons with letters, I choose to focus on a few word families and consonants (_ap and _op). Allow the child(ren) to roll out the door and stamp letters.  Also have him/her match the letters to the spoons moving them from one bowl to the next.  Make words with both the spoons and stamped letters.  If you are stamping and baking cookies why not create a fun little picnic treat.

Beanbags, Balls and Boggle

Beanbags, Balls and Boggle

With multiple snow days, running my Rodan+Fields business and sending out query’s for my book, getting back into the swing of preschool has been a challenge.  A little math lesson here a literacy project there, we haven’t been as consistent.  To kickstart the week, I decided to create a few lessons that would engage, entertain and excite my little 4 year old.


Yesterday we took a trip to the dollar store for a pack of sports balls and balloons.  Additionally, I dusted off my game of Boggle Jr. and tracked down my bean bag letters & numbers to add to our projects.  Then, once the girls arrived home I adapted the activities to review their math and literacy skills.


Looking for some interactive literacy and math practice, here are the activities we generated.

Literacy and Math Review with Beanbags


Play toss with the beanbag.  My three year old and I sat on opposite sides of a yoga mat and tossed the beanbag back and forth.  We reviewed phonemic awareness with letter names & sounds, and matched beginning and ending sounds.

Bean Bag Spell: Pratice making words and phonemes with simple three to four letter word combinations.  I usually try and stay with one word family group a day such as -it or -an.  Then we change out letters to make new words.

Pop the word: Just this morning we used up a cereal box of Pops.  So, my four year old and I raced the timer (in the Boggle game) to name as many letters as we could.  As soon as the timer rang, we popped the letters out of the box.

Number Pull.  In a beach bucket I placed numbers 1-10.  We drew a number and counted out chocolate chips to match. Then we practiced writing the number on our Boogie Board.

1st and 3rd Grade

Word Review and Spelling. My 3rd grader practiced spelling her words with the beanbags while my 1st grader helped build and read new words.

Math: Beanbag Multiplication skills were practiced for my 8 year old while the 6 year old focused on fact families (or adding and subtracting three sets of numbers ie: 2,4,6). For example: 2+4=6, 4+2=6, 6-2=4, 6-4=2

Learning with Sports Balls

The sports pack from the dollar store consisted of a football, soccer ball and basket ball.  On the football I wrote common ending words such as: at, an, all, it.  Upon the mini basket ball I wrote three sets of numbers, evenly spaced, on each section. Each hexagon on the mini soccer ball had a letter. Upon reflection, for less confusion, I should have written the vowels on the black pentagons or used a red pen to isolate.


Letter Review (Soccer):  Practicing and identifying letters and their sounds, we tossed the ball at each other reading a new letter each time.  We then moved on to identifying words that started and ended with specified letters. We then kicked the ball around the room also naming letters we saw.

Making Words: Tossing the football, we practiced reading the words/common endings. Using the soccer ball, we then added a letter to the common endings to make words.

Grades 1 & 3

Number Review: We took turns tossing the basket ball identifying numbers.  For my oldest, we tossed back and forth for multiplication review. The first player named a number then passed the ball. The next player then said a basic binary operation then read an additional number.  He/she then tossed back the ball for the player to solve the problem.  For my first grader, using mental math: I tossed the basket ball, read the three numbers across and then had her add them together.

Boggle Jr:

Beat the clock to find the correct letter, spell and read the word.  I challenged my preschooler to quickly find the letters before the clock expires, exaggerating and being goofy as we solve the puzzle. He also enjoys playing by himself to review letters and make words.

5 Steps Planning for a Successful Rodan+Fields Party Online

5 Steps for Planning a Successful Rodan+Fields Party Online

Fun at 41!

Only 1 week until my 41st birthday!  With fresh goals and a winning mindset, I’m ready to start this year off with a bang.  Monthly I schedule some sort of event either local or online to invite, engage and entertain prospective costumers, consultants and connectors.  With Rodan+Fields being an online storefront, this January I wanted to feature a Facebook or Snapchat virtual party. Here are my top 5 suggestions on how to plan and host your own virtual event.

Step 1: Scheduling

What is your style are you a planner or are you spontaneous? Me? I’m a planner. Events on my calendar are scheduled a couple weeks out to give me plenty of time to draft my posts, consider my live videos and invite people to the party. The more I plan the better my attendance, fluid party posts and involvement. Once I have scheduled my party, it’s time to create an invitation. One of my favorite apps for creating simple invites is WordSwag.  Here you choose your theme, add the words and play with the style until you get an invitation you like. Finally create the Facebook or Snapchat online party and get prepare or the Step 2.



Step 2: Invitation and Wording

My first recommendation: Be authentic to yourself. My second: don’t add people without without a personal request.  When I first started out with Rodan+Fields I, like many others, used “word vomit” to invite and engage potential consultants and customers.  Funny enough, I hardly had any responses as most of my queries were ignored.  Now, I try for a personal approach.  Each invite is personally addressed to the recipient (not: hey girl).  I type each invite separate (not copy and paste) and it’s short.  Here is an example of my language:

“Rose, I’m having an online birthday bash for Rodan+Fields with product information and drawings for free samples. Would you like an invite?”

That’s it!  Some ignore, others say no thanks but many say “Yes!”  Even if they are current preferred customers or other consultants, invite and welcome them. Not only does it help to have support but you already know they love the products.

Step 3: Plan Your Posts

Schedule and plan your event carefully.  My event is going to be over a 24 hour period.  During the day I’ll have a few live videos, I’ll highlighting how I blend Rodan+Fields into my daily life and feature some of my favorite products. This event I’m planning four to five videos and I’m keeping them short.  Between the video I’ll post before and afters and informative posts (including mine and my husbands). I’m trying to limit them to only 10 posts.  For my Birthday Bash, I have asked a couple “guest” speakers to pop on and chat about their favorite Rodan+Fields products and their personal journey. Finally, that evening I am planning a local birthday bash to conclude the event and show the joy and fun of being a consultant.


Step 4: Keep them Engaged

Who doesn’t love free products and gifts?  In stock I have a couple “Active Hydration” samples our lovely “Give it a Glow” sample packs and some amazing essential products.  Additionally, I picked up small gift cards from Amazon, Panera and Starbucks.  For the grand prize I’m putting together a winter survival goodie basket with a sample of Active Hydration, a few lip serums, a sample of the every popular Microdermabrasion Paste and a Sunless Tanner.  Guest can win one of these goodies just by clicking attending.  While other guests will have a chance to participate within the party by engaging through comments and likes.

Step 5: Follow Up

Did people participate with comments?  Did you have have anyone take the Solution’s Tool? Follow up and set a time to meet for coffee, chat over the phone or personal message.  Ask them how you can help or what piqued their interest. Focus on their needs and wants and see how you can best support them in their goals.

What If?

Do these 5 steps sounds easy and doable?  Is something you would like to try? Are you considering if Rodan+Fields would be a good fit for you?  I’m here to tell you, Rodan+Field has amazing projects, an incredible supportive team and an excellent business plan. On the horizon there is excitement and more to come as this innovative company always exceeds my expectations! Please reach out, I sure love my journey and I’d love to help you achieve your goals!



A special shout out and thank you to Deev Murphy a talented writer, fellow WordPress Blogger and life-long friend who recently gave me accolades on her blog!  Thank you for the kind words and loving message. May you continue to recognize the talents you have and the gifts you bring so many others!

Thank you also to all who are supporting my dream and propelling me forward!  I am grateful for my knowledgeable team, all my admiring readers, satisfied preferred customers and my enthusiastic connectors.

5 Kid Friendly Outdoor Snow Projects

5 Kid Friendly Outdoor Snow Projects

Our Snowed in Adventure

When snow hits in the south, you can guarantee a few days snow-days. An unheard of 4 inches blanketed our area with gorgeous, soft flakes of snow. It was magical… for the first couple of days. However, when we received the call yesterday that again school was canceled, (it’s been 6 days since the snow fell) my first instinct was “Noooo”!  Being cooped up in the house with three kids well, the magic has worn thin.  They need to get out, have some purpose and be challenged by someone other then me and my husband (and goodness knows, I need time to work, LOL!).  But then, inspiration hit this morning.  With weathers warming up, the snow will be soon gone and we need to take advantage of what remains.Time to get busy, play outdoors and learn in our environment! Here are our Top 5 Kid Friendly Outdoor Snowy Projects!


  1. Snow Art


  • Spray Bottles or recycled bottles
  • watered down paints or food coloring
  • leftover sprinkles from holiday cookies

Grab a large patch of snow and let the kids explore mixing colors and painting the snow.  Challenge them to create patterns or simple patterns.  See where their imagination takes them.

2. Snow Writing


  • Sticks
  • Leftover snow art paint

Find a patch of snow and practice writing letters, words or messages in the snow.  Erase with leaves or pine branches and try again.

3.  Snow Prints


  • Leaves
  • Pinecones
  • cars, trucks or anything with wheels
  • Other objects that will make imprints or patterns in the snow

Have the kids lightly press outdoor objects such as leaves and pinecones into the snow to see the imprint. Hunt for tracks in the snow made by outdoor critters  such as birds or deer. Use indoor objects like cars and trucks to see the impressions created.

4.  Snow Science- Melting Snow


  • Buckets
  • Pots and pans
  • Stove (either hot plate or indoor range)
  • Cheese cloth or towel
  • oven
  • space heaters

Query 1: Can we Drink Snow?  Have the kids learn how melt snow and use as drinking water. Collect water into a couple pots. Fill to the top so they can see how much water comes from snow.  Melt the snow on the stove and observe the change in property from a solid to a liquid.  Boil snow for 10 minutes, cool and strain over a towel to get rid of any twigs, dirt and leaves.

Query 2: How fast does snow melt indoors. Have the kids place snow into buckets and place in different parts of the house such as the garage, in doors and by the heater.  Have them predict how long they think each bucket of snow will take to melt.

Query 3: How fast will snow melt with heat.  Use a heat lamp, hair dryer or space heater. Predict of fast each bucket of snow will melt.

As the water melted, we watched a Water Cycle Video and discussed what temperature needs to be present to make snow fall.

5.  Snow Books and Games

Snow was a way of life where I grew up so I sure enjoyed teaching the kids a few of my snow-fun filled games.

Snow Games

  • Fox and Geese – a Game of Tag in the Snow
  • Capture the Flag- I recall once playing this in thigh deep snow!  It was crazy but always a fun adventure
  • Building a Snowman or Fort
  • Having a snowball Fight
  • Creating Snow Angels

Recommend Reading for Snowy Day Fun

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Write

All you Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin


Elf in Training Day 25

Merry Christmas

We conclude our advent adventures with Day 25. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2016: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training  and Workout Challenge.

Day 25 Tasks:

Elf in Training

1. Pray for Someone

Today we will be intentional about our thoughts and pray for others who needs an extra boost of love.


Family Holiday Activity

Celebrate Christmas

Today is Christmas!!!  We are thankful for our faith in the Lord and the blessings He has provided our family. Many wonderful wishes to you and your family!!



Workout Challenge

25 pushups, 25 burpees, six 25 second side planks, six 25 second bridges & 25 jumping jacks

Head into overtime and blast out this short but sweet, challenge .  Today is the conclusion of the Workout Challenge!

Elf in Training Day 24


We continue our advent adventures with Day 18. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2017: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 18 Tasks:

Elf in Training/Family Holiday Activity

1. Put Extra money in a Strangers Parking Meter

Treat someone to some extra time on their parking meter, today add an extra quarter or two.


2. Stop by a local laundry mat and leave a couple quarters.

If there anything better then finding extra change? Surprise someone with this easy but simple treat!

3. Make a New Friend

Say hello and strike up a conversation today make a new friend.  Looking for location to meet someone new, head to a local dog park, dine in a warm coffee shop,  strike up a conversation doing some last minute shopping or message someone Merry Christmas wishes on Facebook.


Holiday Family Activity

Read the Night Before Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and what better time to read Denslow’s Night Before Christmas?  A tradition that has been in my family for as long as I can remember, this book classic tale is a favorite for our family.  With stunning pictures and a sweet story, The Night Before Christmas is sure to captive your little elves.



Workout Challenge

24 Pile Squats, 24 pushups, 24 skaters & hold 6 stretches for 24 seconds

Short but sweet, add this challenge the holiday season.  Only 1 day until Christmas and conclusion of the Workout Challenge!

Elf in Training Day 23

We continue our advent adventures with Day 23. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2017: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 23 Tasks:

Elf in Training

1. Thank a Service Member or First Responder

We are so thankful for all our first responders and service members so today we are giving back to our community.  A simple thank you wi help but we wish to bring some treats for them to enjoy.

2.  “Dress you Best Elf” Contest

Along with Christmas Caroling, we will have a Dress your Best Elf Contest.  Ugly Sweaters, Elf Ears, Adorable outfits are all welcome.  Awards will be given for the most creative, best dressed, craziest and silliest.

Family Holiday Activity

Sing Christmas Carols with your Family

Time for a little song and a whole lot of family fun adding music for a fun sing a long. Looking for the lyrics to Christmas songs, check out a couple of these websites.

Christmas Carols 

Workout Challenge

23 Jumping jacks, 23 butt kicks, 23 frog jumps & one 23 second plank

Short but sweet, add this challenge the holiday season.  Only 2 days until Christmas and conclusion of the Workout Challenge!

Elf in Training Day 22


We continue our advent adventures with Day 22. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2017: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 22 Tasks:

Elf in Training

1. Double Tip at a Restaurant or Coffee House

Make a service workers day, give them a treat this holiday season and add a little extra to their tip.


2. Smile at Someone Today ~ Kindness is Contagious!

Family Holiday Activity

Make Cookies for Santa

We have arrived at the Grandparent house and tonights we prepare Santa’s treat! Time to make some delicious cookies!  Looking for a healthy option for this year’s plate?  Try this delicious version of Trim Healthy Mama sugar-free “sugar” cookies from Mrs. Criddles Kitchen.

Workout Challenge

22 Crab Toe Touches & 22 Spinal Balance Stretches

Another core day to strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles .  Only 3 days until Christmas and conclusion of the Workout Challenge!

Elf in Training Day 21

img_3797We continue our advent adventures with Day 21. Click here for a full copy or to print your own advent activities.   The categories we choose for 2017: Family Holiday Activity, Elf in Training and Workout Challenge.

Day 21 Tasks:

Elf in Training/Family Holiday Activity

1. Tell a Joke

Knock, Knock jokes, silly one liners, anything to keep the kids laughing on our holiday drive.

2. Say “Hi” to someone today.

Out and about, be kind to someone, smile and say, Hi!

Family Holiday Activity

Start Christmas Vacation

Yesterday was the last day of school their Christmas vacation. Their excitement is evident in their smiles and their way to early morning wake up. It’s time to hit the road on an adventure!

Workout Challenge

21 Burpees  & 21 Pushups

Today is a workout in itself cardio and strength in one fun round.  Only 4 days until Christmas and conclusion of the Workout Challenge!