Headed out on vacation?  Want to teach your children the art of journaling?  Get ready for adventure with my travel logs.  With three different levels of journaling from primary to intermediate, these journals will help children embrace the art of writing in a fun and interactive way.

Last January, the kids and I joined our family in Hawaii for two weeks.  Each day my girls filled out a journal entry. To this day, they love to read through their adventure.  From start to finish, the day is detailed and easy to follow.  My travel journals don’t just invite children to write, they also prompt their cognitive learning through a variety of creative questions.  Find my travel journals on Venture2Learn’s Etsy page!


Updated chores were established this last week. Our last chart was over a year old and had lost its effect.  The daily tasks were simple and our check-lists sadly ignored.  Consequently, Sunday paydays were frequently forgotten.  My quest was to find a new approach to daily and weekly chores.  My goals were the following:

  • All three kids needed to participate (ages 7, 5 & 3) 
  • Engaging 
  • Simple
  • Easy to remember
  • Multi levels of Fun
So, it was off to my drawing board. First, I listed what responsibilities my husband and I wanted for our children.  Our children are required to complete personal chores before earning money for additional jobs. So, we targeted a few daily tasks and developed a checklist for the children to follow.
Recently we noticed a decline in positivity with our children.  Doing chores was met with resistance and arguments were frequent.  By nature an upbeat person, this behavior and negativity drove me crazy.  Consequently, one of their daily activities, for 10 cents each, is to choose something from the Character Development list to practice the art of positivity.
Just like our personal daily workouts, my husband wanted to instill an enjoyment for physical exercise. In order to receive the next 10 cents they had to pick one exercise from the chart below (P.E. and recess work just as well). Additionally, we would love for our children to find a medium to communicate and express themselves through art. It could be music, painting, crafting, really the choices are endless!        
Our last section is the extra chore zone.  For twenty cents a day, our kids choose 2 daily and 1 weekly chore within their zone.  I separated the house into three zones because we have three kids. However, I could easily make more zones or even separate the bathroom and laundry.  My little guy, the three year old, obviously needs a bit more support but, he loves being able to pitch in.
 After finishing up with the chores, I printed, colored and laminated the pages.  We use an Expo marker to keep track of the daily chores.  Here is a link to what I used for  Laminating Pouches.  They are sturdy and a cinch to use. For those interested in trying or creating their own chore system, here are my Chore Chart Templates.