A Trip Back in Time

An impromptu trip to the local library in Houghton, MI lead way to a marvelous lesson in history, food and fun.

Last week, we traveled up to the Lake District of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  While out exploring and visiting with family, we stopped in to the local library. Invited to join in the history lesson at Portage Lake District Library, we met dynamic National Historic Park Ranger, Katie Keller. Ms. Keller captivated, entertained and taught us the history of immigrants of Cornwall England, what it was like to work underground in the copper minds and what unique heritage they brought to the area. During this particular lesson, the kids ages 4-12 learned how to make a Cornish Pasty, created their own with playdough and then were treated to the most delicious locally crafted pasty.

This local gem of a program is well worth the visit. Get a taste of the culture, customs and cheerful welcome of the community. Just check out some of the pictures from this most creative event.  Then, stop in and say hi to Chris and Katie.

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