Haunted Halloween Menu


What to do when your a week away from Halloween and you need to make your Family Menu (link attached), make it goolish, of course!  Each family member got to choose two dinners this week. To make it fun, I had them write their food choice on a slip of paper with a spooky twist.  The 3 year old and I created two together while the other three delighted in designing their creative menu items. Items include:

  • Mongolian Death Worms in Basilisk Blood (Spaghetti with dream field pasta) E
  • Mommy Dogs S
  • Slimy Pickles with Squiggly Mac Salad S
  • Devilish Delight (Chili and Bean Soup) E
  • Monster Eye Low Carb Pizza c/o
  • Pumpkin Taco Tarts S
  • Haunted Halloween Tea with Eye balls (deviled eggs) and Grizzly Gorp (Cheese and Wasa crackers) S
  • Armadillo Eggs S

This week in place of my Good Girl Moonshine page 397 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, I have mastered my Good Goon Moonshine drink.


Who doesn’t love a hint of green to their drink?!

Our Mommy Dogs will be encased in the “dough” from the Everything Bagel Dogs found on The Primitive Palate Website.  This delicious breading is easy, quick and carb friendly.

One of favorite meals, Armadillo Eggs is back on our menu this week. Also Low Carb and delicious, this recipe along with it’s fun name is a crowd favorite. Get ready for a explosion of flavor with these yummy bites.

Another batch of Pumpkin Fluff will be available for my coffee!  Easy, delicious and sugar-free, I’ve enjoyed this treat in my coffee all week as a substitute for creamer.


I’m sure enjoying my cups from A2Z creations.  My Good Girl Moonshine and Water have a fun sipper!

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